Michael Bloomberg on a possible 2020 run as a Democrat

“The Republicans did not exercise the check and balance on the White House that the Constitution calls for,” Bloomberg says.

He says he doesn't regret not running for president in 2016, but he says he could possibly run in 2020: "I've looked at it and I've said we'll, beginning of the year, focus on it."

"What I have asked for, and most of my friends have asked for are background checks," Bloomberg says of gun control. "We shouldn't be selling guns to minors, to people with psychiatric problems or people with criminal records. Other than that, the Second Amendment gives you the right to own weapons and there's nothing wrong with that. It's the Constitution — we're not going to change it."

Bloomberg On Climate Change -- The former NYC mayor reacts to the White House saying climate change report isn't based on fact: "When you ... see the forest fires, the floods, three feet of rain in South Carolina — how can you not believe that something isn't changing? And how can you not listen to all of the great scientists in the world?"

Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney