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Hot Topics: Jeff Flake discusses decision to call for FBI investigation.

Whoopi Goldberg weighs in on the senator's comment that if he were up for re-election there wouldn't be "a chance" that he would've made the decision to call for an FBI investigation: "That should give everybody pause, because the idea that you would let a potential monster sit on the Supreme Court because you wanted to get re-elected tells us we have some issues here!"

"What's scary to think that none of this would've happened if Jeff Flake had taken the stairs!" Behar said of the viral moment caught on video where two women rebuked his earlier decision to support Kavanaugh's nomination. "I'm serious — he happened to be in the elevator... he was stuck in the elevator and they got him!"

"What Jeff Flake did was such a blessing for this country because he said 'Let's take a step back, let's take a breath,'" Abby Huntsman says. "It's really healthy thing for all of us to do, to take the politics out of it, if that's even possible, and say 'Is this the right person to be on the Supreme Court?'"

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