New Yorker Trump Cover

I started to write this for a Facebook reply to a celebrity who thinks the new Cover In The New Yorker is horrible. My reply got so long, thought is was better on Times Square Gossip.

I have known and photographed Donald Trump for over 30 years. I have been in his apartment, I have been to Mar A Lago, I know this guy.

One Celebrity who I will not mention posted saying The New Yorker has hit a all time low with their cover of Trump. 

This is what Trump has done to this country. The most highly regarded publications are getting down in the shit with Trump. Bush and Obama had class. Even when you disagreed with them, they answered you with class. Trump is a proven liar. He was well before he was president. Those of us who know him and have photographed him and written about him for 30 years knows what he is. A piece of crap.

Trump is not only unfit mentally to be president, he is trying to set up the world so he can be the ruler. This is why it is so important for him to be friends with Russia, North Korea etc. He's thinking they will back him up. Mark my words. Unless we get them all out this Nov, we will have a Nuclear war, we will have the majority of the U.S. in poverty and Trump will be safe in his bunker.

 I know several famous people who have known Trump like I have for many years. Some of you support him, I have lost some great friends because their support of this man is disgusting. Some people, celebrity friends in the media have only known Trump for a couple of years. But they are hard core Republicans. I was Republican for most of my life. Watching this party go from a party of the people to a party for a few is what made me leave and join the Democrats. But my hard core Republican friends do not look at the facts. They vote down the line, all Republican, instead of looking at who is the better person.

 I feel very bad that certain celebrity friends I do not want to hang out with anymore. But I could not take the conversations. Trump is great and when I questioned the fact that he was not great, and that I have known him for 30 years while they have only know him for 2 or 3 years, they say I do not understand the dynamics. That is the problem with the Republican party. They think we do not understand, when the fact is we all understand way too much.

 I see the world for what it is. I have the richest friends in the world. People that know me, know this.  But I see all the sides. I see the poverty in NYC, I hear stories of people that always had it good and now can not pay their rent or car insurance. My rich friends are even richer. Walk around 14th street or Times Square. Thousands homeless, thousands hungry. 

 During the primary's all my rich friends threw fundraisers for Jeb Bush. This is who the rich wanted. After the shock of seeing Trump win, they all joined his side. He promised them huge tax cuts which they got. He told them they were now richer thanks to him. These are facts. But the middle class are poorer. Much poorer. Trade war now. Farmers are going to get welfare from Trump so they will support him. What about the auto industry, the steal industry. Let's give them all welfare so Trump can have his trade war. 

Trump has gotten richer from being president. Look at Mar A Lago, he doubled and tippled the membership fees there. This is why he goes there all the time. You pay, you get to hang with the president. Now he is doing this at His New Jersey Golf Club in Bedminster. Making trip after trip to promote this club. All these tariffs are to make the Trump family money. Make steal go down, buy stock. Trump once said to me when I said something about the bad economy years ago. He said this did not hurt him, it helped him, this is when he jumps in and gets his bargains. This is what he is doing now, directly or in-directly, he is doing this.

Look at Trumps no respect for woman. He hates them, only thinks of them for his little pee pee. He hates gays, wants to reverse gay marriage, even know he should not even care. Abortion. I hate abortion. But looking at the alternatives to going back to the old days of woman in dark and dirty back rooms getting illegal abortions and many dying out weighs my views on this. 

 Trump lies and lies and the republicans keep backing him up, most of them anyway. Some speak out but never follow through with their comments. They are just putting on a good show till the issue disappears. They are just as guilty as Trump.

Tax Cuts never helped any of us except the rich. Trump paid off the rich with these. The tax cuts never did what he said they would do either, raises for employees, more better paying jobs etc. He said all the new jobs and raises would make up for the money lost by the tax cuts. False once again. All these corporations  used the tax cuts not for better paying jobs or raises, they brought back their stock, making the stockholders AKA The Rich even richer.

Watching the smug faces on Ryan and Pence and other Republicans makes me sick. People are homeless, people are starving. People are losing everything. But hey, they have everything!