Some people are born knowing what they must do. Ataia is one of them.

ATAIA, the daughter of John Lennon’s guitarist releases her first single “FINE”.

Singer, songwriter, actress, born in Nyack, NY, Ataia grew up in Germantown, MD, Argentina, and Nashville, TN. “I have been writing songs and singing all of my life.  I spent a lot of time in the studio with my dad, writing and singing, and playing whatever instrument he handed to me that wasn’t TOO big for me.”

ATAIA lost her Dad in 2010 to a rare disease and then three years later lost her beloved brother to suicide. These deep personal losses affected her deeply. Her desire to bring "hope to others" and to encourage others to "ask for help" is the message she wants to relay through music.

““I choose to take my pain and bring hope to others. It is okay to be okay, or not be okay. It is not okay to check out! I want to take whatever action I can to help prevent suffering,” said ATAIA.

She knows she has something to share and a genuine gift to empathize with others. “I am finally FINE, and I hope you will be too.”  Visit for more info.