Jake Tapper On The View

Jake Tapper on reported Russian oligarch payment to Michael Cohen and new book The Hellfire Club.

Tapper weighs in on reports that a firm with ties to a Russian oligarch made payments to Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, and responds to critics who say Michael Avenatti is just looking for attention with this story: "The truth of the matter is, this story has legs! Something's going on here."

Jake Tapper Talks 'Fake News' On The View

Jake Tapper on the position of journalists in this political climate.

Tapper responds to Trump's latest attack on the media where the president claims "91% of network news about me is negative (fake)": "That's his definition of fake news — anything that he doesn't like. That's actually not the definition of fake!"

Tapper responds to critics who say some of his reporting has been biased and editorialized: "I am absolutely biased against lies [and against] when people say things that are indecent."

Tapper talks sparring with Kellyanne Conway in an interview discussing whether the White House has a credibility issue: "She didn't challenge the premise. I said, 'He tells lots of lies.' And she said: 'He does many things.'" Tapper compared her comment to "a defense attorney saying: But what about all the banks my client didn't rob?"

Tapper says he "would much rather be covering the policy debates": "I don't know one journalist that wouldn't prefer lower ratings, but a return to normalcy."

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