Cynthia Nixon

Sex & The City Star Cynthia Nixon has officially announced today she is mounting a Democratic primary challenge against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Announcing her bid on Monday, Nixon said that she presents a “strong progressive alternative” to Cuomo, who she called a “centrist and Albany insider.”

“Cuomo’s time in office has been defined by a string of indictments for corruption, his failure to fix the New York City subway, and his support for a backroom deal which handed Republicans control of the state Senate, resulting in the failure of numerous pieces of progressive legislation,” Nixon said in a statement.

EDITORS NOTE: Interesting. I like her. I see her all the time on the streets of New York. She is a real New Yorker. Nothing fake about Cynthia Nixon. She will walk down 14th street in floppy clothes, shop in our stores and I watch her looking sad as she is looking at all the homeless scattered about. As a photographer who has photographed her many times, I always felt that I was talking to one of our own, a NYC resident who deals with what we deal with every day. The litter, the subway mess, the homeless and the corruption. We really like this idea and we really like and respect Cynthia Nixon, shes one of us!