ABC'S THE VIEW -- Rep. Schiff calls on his colleagues in the Intelligence Committee to "compel" witnesses who have refused to answer questions about their time on the Trump team — including Hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski: "They need to be subpoenaed."

Guest co-host Condoleezza Rice tells Rep. Schiff: "If the Russians did it to us the first time, shame on them. If they do it to us again, shame on us."

Rep. Schiff says "not nearly enough" is being done to combat Russian attempts to interfere in future American elections: "We need to send a clear message to Russia that any further meddling won't be tolerated — they'll pay a heavy price for it."

"I appreciate what you're doing for the country — but I really hope you can wrap it up," Rice tells Rep. Schiff her hopes for the Russia probe: "The country needs to get back to business, so... my greatest hope is that this gets done."

"Bob Mueller will make the decision whether there's proof beyond reasonable doubt to indict and convict people," Schiff said. "It is not his responsibility to tell the country what happened... indeed, no guarantee that the country will ever learn what Bob Mueller finds apart from an indictment."