New York City Helicopter Crash

A red Eurocopter AS350 helicopter that crashed into Manhattan's East River had been privately chartered for a photo shoot, authorities said.

The New York City helicopter crash that killed everyone on board except the pilot may have been caused by a passenger's piece of luggage, the pilot told investigators.

The pilot said one of the passenger's bags may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel shutoff button, leading to the crash that killed five passengers, a senior law enforcement official said.

A police source identified the pilot as 33-year-old Richard Vance.

The passengers were on a Liberty Helicopters chopper that had been chartered for a private photo shoot, authorities said.

The National Transportation Safety Board will try to determine the cause of the Sunday evening crash. The NTSB tweeted that an investigation team of 14 people would arrive today.

Editors Note: Living on the East River, we have to listen to these helicopters take off and land day and night. These tourists copters should not be allowed to operate. They do nothing for the city but give us noise pollution.

The city loses money of these helicopter businesses. Last year at a city council meeting the owners of one company argued that people come from all over the world to ride their copters. Several councilman argued that this is not the reason tourists come here. It  was also brought up that the city loses money on these copter businesses, that it cost more to maintain the piers than they collect in rent. This arrogant copter company then said that they could always take the operations to New Jersey and then not have to follow NYC's rules and regulations. One councilman  argued that tourists would not go to New Jersey just for a copter ride. The heads of this company were so arrogant I am really surprised the city still lets them operate.

Residents for years have been fighting to get rid of these helicopters. They fly over our houses and our buildings even know they are required to only fly over the East River. Why should the residents of New York City have to put up with the noise that comes with this kind of business. We would not let a nightclub or restaurant make this much noise to make money. It ruins our quality of life. We do not need helicopter businesses in NYC. Why should we have to cater to the tourists that want a thrill and the rich who want to get to the Hampton's quick.  Not fair!

Lets all not forget the Helicopter that crashed into a building across the street where I was living years ago on 72 and 2nd. This could be any of us in any of our buildings.