I had to cancel my Hulu Subscription. I liked Hulu. I was comfortable with it. I also have Netflix and other services. But what Hulu has done this week to it's customers is so horrible, I just decided the hell with a company who operates this way.

They changed the format this week. Nothing worked. I called Hulu, waited over 45 minutes to speak to someone. When I finally got a representative, I told her the problem and what she said next was a horror.

This incompetent Hulu customer service agent said, "You know, Hulu is a subscription service and I could just cancel". I was flabbergasted. Here I was calling in a complaint and she was telling me to cancel. I asked for a Supervisor. Waited, waited, a hour goes by and nothing. I hung up. I tried several times that night. Same thing. We are experiencing a higher caller volume, your wait would be approx 15 to 30 min. Then after some sales pitch, the recorder comes on and says 35-45 minutes. I just hang up again. This happened many times. I canceled Hulu. There website says my account is valid till next month, since it was paid for. Later in the night I try to get on Hulu. Says my account is no longer valid. So now I want a refund. I call and call. Can't get through. I start TWEETING to Hulu and to my 44 thousand followers on Twitter. No response from Hulu. I post on Facebook to everyone and to Hulu. No response.

So now it's two days later and it is after 2 am in the morning. Called Hulu. Says the same thing. Wait time 15 to 30 min, then another sales pitch and then tells me 35 to 45 minutes. I am sitting here with speaker phone on. Must be the same wait message to everyone.

I want my money back. That's all I know. I pay $11.99 a month, not a lot but I want it back. To have customer service that you can not reach, to have customer service that ignores Twitter, Facebook and phone calls is all I need to go. And I am asking anyone else who is having problems with this company, just go to their website and cancel. These corporations have to learn.

Netflix is better anyway. Easy to navigate and you do not get treated so bad by customer service. Amazon is great, but not so easy to navigate. Then with the ROKU BOX you have so many free streaming services.

How do I contact Hulu to cancel?

To cancel your Hulu subscription:

log in to your Hulu account.

Access your Account by going to the profile name on the top righthand corner of the page.

Under Your Subscription, HIT: Cancel Subscription.

Provide a reason for your decision to cancel Hulu.

Select Take Offer to finalize your cancellation.