Empty Boats Arrive At Hunters Point South

I really find it disgusting that for weeks I have been watching empty boats, chartered by the Joe Lhota and the MTA for LIRR passengers, arrive and go empty. Almost every boat!

The cost has to be in the millions. First they are renting the boats, some from far far away. Then they had to renovate the docks and put in new gates. This was not cheep. Then they have several buses waiting for the passengers that will never arrive and the buses still drive their route empty. You also have the MTA police called here for empty boats as well as dock men and woman to work the gates. Then you have some MTA guy with a clipboard marking the times each boat comes and goes and how many people are riding. Must be hard for him, each boat trip he writes zero. The Department Of Transportation (DOT). The list is endless and this has been going on for weeks now. They also took away dozens of parking spaces that they do not even use.

Empty MTA Busses

I read the MTA was going to discontinue this week. I am sure they have to pay for the boats anyway. Who in their right mind thought of this plan? It should have been coordinated with the NYC Ferry schedule, the buses could have ran people to the subway or even had trains leaving Hunters Point South train station. We have a huge station here that is only open during rush hours. Why is it we do not use this great transportation hub? Make a new entrance on 2nd street and passengers can walk to the ferry one block. The public would love it. 

Parking Spaces Taken Away In Hunters Point South

In all my years I have never seen the LIRR and the Subways such a mess and I have been riding this system my whole life. Not even going to get into the fact that it took almost 3 hours to get to 86th street last week and another 2 hours to get back. Train after train delayed. Cars with no AC, trains and stations filthy. There has to be a solution.