The Amazing Kreskin

Our friend The Amazing Kreskin sent us this e-mail the other day, offering OJ Simpson a challenge. We think this could be a great idea for a television show.

It’s appropriate today that I reintroduce the offer and challenge that I made OJ Simpson in 1999, regarding the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman. In the past 24 hours, interest and reference to the most covered murder trial in US history has been re-awakened for obvious reasons.

In 1999 I sent a letter, delivered to Simpson’s attorney, Johnny Cochran. In essence my challenge to Simpson was “Walk with me, talk with me, and I’ll reveal who murdered your ex-wife, Nicole”.

This was not a frivolous scenario. It’s been forgotten that in 1995, OJ had the “generous” nerve to offer a reward for information leading to his ex-wife’s killer! Believe it or not, no one came through with any offer. As a result of this, I made a challenge to OJ to help him “prove your innocence or for that matter your guilt”.

Neither Simpson nor Cochran responded. “OJ let’s clear the air once and for all…accept my offer”.

-The Amazing Kreskin