Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban, the Fort Lee native, reality-television star and entrepreneur, known for his friendship with Kim Kardashian as well as his show, The Spin Crowd that aired on E! in 2010; was spotted scoping the crowd in the American Dining room at City Perch Kitchen + Bar on Friday night, June 16th, 2017. Cheban was accompanied by some of his friends and most importantly his mother, who still resides in the area. During their evening reservation, the “food god’s” group sampled some of Chef Sherry Yard’s dishes - her seasonal American culinary art was paired with handcrafted garden to class cocktails made by the acclaimed mixologist, Adam Seger.

Just in time for the opening of “All Eyez On Me,” Jonathan Cheban dressed appropriately for his iPic screening experience in a custom made denim jacket by Katya Dobryakova boasting Tupac’s portrait. Despite Tupac’s opening weekend, this weekend definitely opened with all eye’s on Cheban!