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Hot Topics: What Connects The Trump Campaign To Russia?

Joy Behar reacted to the news of sources saying Pres. Donald J. Trump associates communicated with suspected Russian intelligence officials ahead of election: "The Republican party is not stepping up the way they should. They will sell their soul down the river, sell democracy down the river so that the rich will get tax cuts!”

“The question really needs to be what is the overall connection between Russia and this administration,” Sunny Hostin added.

Hot Topics: Restaurant Receipts Take On Both Sides Of The Immigration Debate

"It's just plain bigotry!" Joy Behar said of a customer who criticized a restaurant for its Mexican owner and wrote “America first” on their receipt. "Please go and support them," Whoopi Goldberg added. "We're better than that."

Hot Topics: Tiffany Trump Allegedly Bullied at New York Fashion Week

Whoopi Goldberg reacted to editors not wanting to sit next to Tiffany Trump at fashion week: "Girl, I will sit next to you!"

"Bragging about this online and saying ‘look, she has no one to sit by her' — that's being a mean girl just for sport," Sara Haines added.

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