Joe Biden On The View

The showed aired last week, but we think it was one of the best. Vice President Biden & Dr. Biden Joined Co-Hosts During Final Days in Office

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Relationship with Pres. Obama

"I don't think I did deserve that ... I had not the slightest idea," Biden said of receiving the highest civilian award in the United States.

"He's been extremely generous — he's become a great friend," Biden said of Pres. Obama. Biden also spoke about his relationship with the President: "It's grown in a way that is real, that is born out of this notion of trust and respect."

Vice Pres. Joe Biden Weighs in On President-Elect Trump

"I’m hoping that a lot of what Mr. Trump has said has been rhetorical so far...that he begins to understand the gravity and consequences of words," Biden said.

Biden also commented on Trump's criticism of U.S. intelligence agencies: "The crown jewel of American security is our intelligence community ... and to diss them, and dismiss them, it really plays into the hand of Russia.”

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Hillary’s Election Loss, FBI Director James Comey

"I don't think anyone can say what cost Hillary the election," Biden said. "She had a plan, the problem was nobody heard it."

Joy Behar replied, "Because we were watching a reality show on the other end!"
"We were — that's the point, that's the point," Biden said.

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Initiative to Cure Cancer, Late Son Beau’s Family, and Violence Against Women

"They're doing well — they still miss their daddy," Biden said of late son Beau's children. "One thing you can do is smother them with love and affection, make sure they know you're always there."

Biden discussed his passion for ending domestic violence:

"We can and are able to change the culture of America. No man has a right, under any circumstances ... to raise his hand to a woman! None! Zero!"
“Guys! It's on us! We have a moral obligation. We have an obligation to stand up. We have an obligation to speak out."

Dr. Jill Biden Joins Vice Pres. Biden to Talk Transition, Relationship With Vice Pres.-elect Mike Pence.

Biden commented on Pence and national security:

 "I am confident Mike Pence has a clear understanding of American foreign policy, [and] where the genuine threats are."

When asked about the Vice President running in 2020, Dr. Biden responded, "Talk to me!"


Photo Courtesy Of: The View / ABC Television