Beautiful. Talented. Admirable. 

With a whole lot of tragedies, scandals and just over all negativity this year it’s times like these where we often turn to our role-models in life for some uplifting or an escape. It’s refreshing to have someone to look up to who radiates positivity and zeal and that’s exactly what Tyler V. does. This 24-year old songstress embraces her powerful voice and touches people with her voice and character. It’s inspiring to watch her career as a musician launch while staying humble and unwavered.

Tyler.V knew from a young age she wanted to be a performer and after winning her school’s talent competition, her mother (and everyone else in the room) knew she had an undeniable talent and placed her in vocal lessons. Tyler grew up watching American Idol and going to concerts.

Her heart of gold and work ethic constantly inspires her fans and those around her. She’s often the one people around her go for reassurance and her positive output on life is infectious on them. Not only is she there for her loved ones, she’s there for her community as well. Her and her sorority are involved and support the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer and she participates in the walk for awareness annually. She participates in local evens and even spent her Thanksgiving morning helping to serve the homeless at a local church.

“I know there are a lot of people that are less fortunate than me and to see them smile because of something I was able to do warms my heart.”

Her determination is untiring and she’s constantly working on her strategy; she lives by a “fail to plan, plan to fail” method. “I tell myself that Plan A has to work. There is no Plan B for me. That’s enough for me to keep going. I’ve come this far now so why stop now? I see so many people succumb to what this society wants them to be and I chose to always follow my dreams no matter how long it takes me.” Having and looking up to inspirational people like Tyler V. is a simple way to be reminded of the positive things in life and see the world through a glass-half-full perspective. 

About Tyler.V

Tyler.V is a 24-year-old sweet, sultry songstress who embraces her powerful voice and emotional messages in the best way possible. Her new single Warning, produced by Space 9, touches on the social injustices within our community and destructive chaos faced internationally. “With all of the built up tension and negativity dragging out in the world, I felt it was my purpose to deliver this message before the storm. This is me reminding people to be conscious, learn to love more and unite as a force,” says Tyler.V.

Tyler.V is a born and raised Harlem native with a Caribbean background. She obtained her BA in Music Industry from the University of New Haven and attended the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Tyler.V is an inspiring role model to young women to teach that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. She describes herself as “full of love, life and happiness”. 

Warning is available digitally now via Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify and Tidal.

To hear Tyler.V’s new single and for more about her visit: http://sheistylerv.com