Morgan & Dan Sevigny On PIX 11

We received this E-Mail about a program where you buy a tree and they deliver and then they will pick it up after Christmas. The program also helps Covenant House. What could be better than this?

Since 2011, my sister Morgan and I have been selling Christmas trees online and in-person here in New York City. We offer easy online ordering and free delivery anywhere in NYC.

We're excited to offer New Yorkers two opportunities to give back to their community--and it only takes a few minutes for them to make an incredible impact.

When we deliver our trees, our customers can give us clothing and gifts to be donated to Covenant House, a homeless shelter for teens in Manhattan. FOX 5 came out to cover it this year and we got an awesome response from the community.

We're offering the same deal for Christmas tree removals...

For every tree we remove, we'll accept donated goods (clothing, toys, canned food, gifts) and deliver them to the Covenant House to help the teens.

Being a teenager is hard enough. But imagine going through the regular trials and tribulations of growing up when you're living on the streets to escape a violent or sexually abusive household.

That's exactly the situation the teens at Covenant House are faced with each day.

Covenant House helps these young men and women by providing access to case management, education and employment opportunities--so that they can become fully functioning, self-sufficient adults--and stay off of the streets for good.

We recycle trees to help green spaces around the city thrive...

Additionally, every tree we remove will be recycled at one of New York City's mulch fest events, where they take Christmas trees and turn them into mulch to helps nourish the green spaces around the city we all love so much.

Everyone needs to get their tree removed anyways--by hiring us to do it for them, they'll save time, save lives, and save the environment. All without having to leave their home! It doesn't get much more quintessentially New York than that!

Happy Holidays!

Dan Sevigny