Kirsten O'Brien and Evan Zelnick

If your bank account is screaming at your from holiday shopping, you haven’t slept in days because of finals or you haven’t even began planning for the holidays yet, you need to watch the video in the link below for some comedic relief… or maybe you’ll just want to watch the video because you enjoy funny internet-humor. Get a laugh while Kristen O’Brien and Evan Zelnick from On the Pot make you feel like no matter what your New Year’s plans are this year, it can’t be worse than what happens in this skit.

On the Pot is an explosive NYC based comedy duo. Kirsten O'Brien and Evan Zelnick expel unrelenting humor from their hearts, minds, and other various orifices with improvisation, sketch comedy, songs, and choreographed dance numbers. OTP has trained and performed at Upright Citizens' Brigade and The People's Improv Theater and has been featured in NYC Sketchfest, NYComedy Week, NYC Improv Festival, and Fringe festivals. Press has praised the show as "over the top, boisterous, and ridiculous," while the "pair impressed in their performance ability."

Want more? Be sure to check out their Halloween video: Do Ghosts Watch Us Have Sex.