Hillary Clinton & James Edstrom In The White House Years


Today's election is the most important election I can ever remember. It's Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton for President.

I have met and photographed both candidates many times. In my early years as a photographer, Trump was at all the great events and private parties. I never liked the man. Plain and simple. I adored Ivana and their kids, but 'THE DONALD' just never seemed like a nice guy. Trump was always arrogant, he was always a master of controlling the the press and the guy is a pure showman. He gets attention by shocking the world.

I was in Trumps NYC apartment at Trump Tower many times for parties. It always seemed so stale. Everything had it's place, from the photos placed around the apartment to the furniture. The only room that seemed like a real part of a home was the den. It was loaded with bookcases and was very comfortable. I remember hanging out with the Kennedy's there with Ivana Trump. Everything had gold, the bathroom faucets, the railings, just about everything. I remember when Ivana and Donald Trump were getting divorced, and Ivana invited me to Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach.  I got there early and security was taking down the photos of Donald and the kids and putting up photos of Ivana and the kids. I thought to myself how can you live a life so staged in every single detail. 

People complement Donald Trump's kids. They are great children. But I think it's the mothers who made them so good. Ivanka is a doll, Donald and Eric are the nicest people you could ever meet. I really believe Donald had nothing to do with them turning out so nice.

Just looking at Donald Trump in these debates and these rallies. He never gets his facts straight, he never says anything the same twice. To think he won't release his tax returns, to think he takes such advantage of our tax code, where according to reports, he paid nothing. Trump is using our roads, our airports, our water and our infrastructure and he is not paying for it? This is horrible. 

To top if off, I heard the stories in Atlantic City, I heard them all from staff of the Taj Mahal. So many bankruptcy's, so many people stiffed each and every time. For someone that says he will help the working man, he did not seem to care about the small businesses in his bankruptcy's. 


Hillary Clinton is very hard to read when you see her on TV.  For some reason she seems cold and I do not know why. I never thought much of her till I met her when she was in The White House. I was stunned at how nice she was and I was amazed that she really wanted to talk to me. Over the years I met her many more times at events and I always had great conversations with her. She is a gem, she is smart and she knows what she is talking about. 

Hillary Clinton has the expertise and the will to work for America. Donald Trump will do everything to make the rich richer. Hillary Clinton may be rich, but she feels for the poor and middle class. She understands not only the problems in this country, she understands all the chaos around the world and countries respect her. The world is laughing at Donald Trump and America right now. Trump has made us the laughing stock around the world with his antics in this election. He has acted like a spoiled rich kid who must get his way. Watch when he loses, he will cry the election was fixed. This is the kind of spoiled brat he is!. 

There is only one answer in this election.... Vote for Hillary Clinton.