The Annual 58th Annual Summer Party

Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff With Chuck Scarborough

Cassandra Seidenfeld, Alex Donner, Randi Schatz

Dr. Fredric Weinbaum With Jean Shafiroff And Robert S. Chaloner

Liliana Cavendish With  Hunt Slonem And Ann Rapp

Jean Shafiroff hosted a cocktail party at her Park Avenue home to celebrate the announcement of Southampton Hospital’s The Phillips Family Cancer Center.

Guests, including Chuck Scarborough, Hunt Slonem, Liliana Cavendish, Blaze Makoid and Cliff Knight, arrived at Jean's home to hear from key hospital leadership about the importance of the new center.

Midway through the event, Jean Shafiroff thanked guests for attending, as well as Steve Bernstein, President of the Southampton Hospital Foundation, for his outstanding job in fundraising, and the Phillips family for their important contribution.

Robert Chaloner, President and CEO of Southampton Hospital, then thanked Jean for her hospitality and said that the year Jean hosted the Hospital’s Annual Summer Party was the most successful to date, raising over $2 million. He then spoke about the creation of the center, saying, "Cancer patients undergoing treatment are often physically weakened, and adding a long trip to and from an appointment only adds to the stress." He continued, "We are grateful to the Phillips family for making cancer treatment closer to home for many patients on the East End of Long Island.”

Guests also heard from Drs. Samuel Ryu, Yusuf Hannun, and Kenneth Kaushansky of Stony Brook Medicine, and Dr. Fredric Weinbaum of Southampton Hospital, who each spoke about their individual role in the creation and development of the center.

They were then encouraged by Chuck Scarborough to continue to support the hospital by purchasing tickets to the 58th Annual Summer Party that will take place on August 6th in Southampton.

Additional guests included: Louisa Benton, Cornelia Sharpe Bregman, Janna Bullock, Alex Donner, Nancy Chemtob, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Barbara and Henry Gooss, Dawne Marie Grannum, Chris and Dick Hiegel, Roy Keane, Valerie and Carl Kempner, Beth Shak and Rick Leventhal, Dr. Kenneth Mark, Melody Meyer, Jay Paul, Ann Rapp, Julie Ratner, Randi Schatz, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Martin Shafiroff, and John Wegorzewski.

For more information about Southampton Hospital’s 58th Annual Summer Party and to learn more about event sponsorship, or purchase tickets, please visit: or contact Kathy Lucas, Director of Special Events at (631) 726-8700, Ext. 3.