Story By: James Edstrom

Omar Mateen

Gay rights are the new ignored rights, just like when African Americans got equal rights many years ago and were ignored, the same thing is happening to the gay movement. Gays are the new ignored minority.

The massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub early yesterday has been described as a "domestic terror incident," with at least 50 dead and 53 injured, officials said, making it the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil since the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

The shooter has been identified by officials as Omar Mateen of St. Lucie County, Florida, a U.S.-born citizen with Afghani parents. After the shooting began, he called 911 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS, according to law enforcement officials.

ISIS supporters have cheered the massacre online and an ISIS communique referred to the shooter as an ISIS "fighter," but there’s no evidence that ISIS directed or had prior knowledge of the attack, terrorism observers told ABC News.


My big war right now is the war between myself and the City Of New York along with the landlord St Nicks Alliance that the city has allowed to practice and operate ANTI-AIDS and ANTI-GAY housing policies.

While a regular person can go to the city for help if they are sick, the same is not true with someone sick with AIDS. A regular person with Cancer or diabetes can go to NYC for housing help and there are no strings attached. A person with AIDS can go to the city for help with housing and medicine and the city and the landlords will go out of their way to break the laws of The Americans With Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act and Rent Laws, and they do not even blink a eye when doing so.

The Mayor and the members of New York's City Council can preach and preach that Gays are equal, My lawsuits will prove another thing.

When you are sick with AIDS, you are required to have caseworkers even know you do not want the services and besides the point, In the case of St Nicks Alliance, there are no services anyway, yet you are forced to meet with these useless caseworkers and if you don't, the city will OK a eviction. To top it off, St Nicks Alliance is paid for services that are not rendered. St Nicks Alliance also was allowed to forge my leases and when a city employee told her bosses that she was at the lease signing and they were forged, the city refused to act. We proved abuse by St Nicks Tenants and employees and we proved we were living with mice and rats. The city did nothing but rule against us. The courts will rule against them next!

This is not just St Nicks Alliance. It is a assortment of landlords that have found a cash cow with sick people with AIDS. It's the two and a half Billion Fraud in New York City and city officials just do not care. Going in front of the City Council to tell them about the abuses and I was ignored by Councilman Steven Levin and Corey Johnson, two people who claim they are AIDS activists.

Even with a Supreme Court Lawsuit and a Federal Lawsuit against St Nicks Alliance and The City Of New York, nothing is done to stop the abuses. In the Supreme Court Case, St Nicks Alliance employees ignore subpoenas, ignore discovery demands and ignore the law of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court lets them get away with it. St Nicks Lawyers ignore e-mails, ignore phone calls from my lawyers and only show up when we file a motion to default the case in our favor. Then the court gives them more time to comply and they never do. Almost two years now and we have gone almost no where. It is also interesting to note that St Nicks Alliance in in violation of the city contract, but the city refuses to even address the issue. The city keeps paying for services that are not rendered. The city keeps paying for St Nicks Alliance to abuse people with AIDS.


 Keep in mind, the below rules are against rent stabilization laws, The Americans With Disability Act and Federal Housing Laws among other laws.  St Nicks Alliance breaks all these rules with New York City's blessing. With St Nicks Alliance, it's all about the money no matter who they abuse, no matter what laws they break.

 Forced visits from caseworkers

Forced to turn over medical records

No dogs or cats, even know everyone in the building has them. Cats would have come in handy in St Nicks Alliance's rat infested building.

Not allowed to have a third chain lock, not allowed to hang pictures on wall, not allowed to paint apartment, not allowed to carpet. Not allowed to make copy of apartment keys. This is just a sample that by law every tenant is allowed to do, but if you are GAY & HIV positive, you can not have these simple rights. You do have these rights, but St Nicks Alliance will break the law to make sure you comply. Complain, they go to the city for a eviction. And the city will back them up.


There is not much help anymore for Gays, lesbians, Transgenders and People With AIDS. The organizations that used to battle for us are now being paid off by grants from the city. Years ago we could go for help and these organizations would fight the city and in some cases take the city to court. They went after bad landlords, but now with the city bribing these organizations with grants, there is little to no help anymore. If our rights are being violated by the city or these landlords, these organizations refuse to help. They will not bite the hand that feeds them. The city is guilty of breaking RICO Laws as well as so many others. We will prove this in court.


So GAY Is The new BLACK. It all looks good on paper just like the black civil rights movement did, but our rights are just not there. The shooting is very tragic, but it's just the beginning until the government enforces the laws that they brag about. Our Council Members Steven Levin and Corey Johnson put on a good show, but they have ignored a two and a half billion dollar fraud that only benefit their landlord friends and not people with AIDS. I told them at a city council hearing and they ignored.