Larry King Chats With Sarah Paulson

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” star Sarah Paulson sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now,” where she explains why she hasn’t seen the acclaimed series, weighs in on gender inequality in Hollywood, and talks “American Horror Story” season 6.

Despite the massive critical acclaim surrounding her portrayal as Marcia Clark in “American Crime Story,” Sarah Paulson reveals that she is not watching the hit series because she is “one who is very likely to sort of pick everything apart.” The actress explains, “I’m very self critical, so I figured I should just let myself enjoy this and let people say nice things and enjoy being a part of something that is such a phenomenon.”

Larry also played a clip for Sarah Paulson, when Marcia Clark revealed recently on “Larry King Now” what it’s been like watching Sarah Paulson portray her.

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” star has highlighted the sexism Marcia Clark endured during the trial in the mid-90s, and now she comments on modern-day gender inequality in the entertainment industry. “No change can come about unless people start talking,” she presses. The actress remarks that gender inequality in Hollywood is “always getting incrementally better, but we’ve certainly got a long way to go. We haven’t made that much progress.”

After confirming her support for Hillary Clinton, Sarah Paulson voices her concern about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s candidacy expressing, “it’s a little scary.” She describes her worry, saying, “It started out as a funny element to the campaign season, and then all of a sudden it became all too real.”

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