Michele Herbert With Jean Shafiroff

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted its 21th Anniversary Spring Cocktail Reception at Clement Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City. The NYCC celebrated over 20 years of helping the most disadvantaged children achieve their potential. The event featured a Live Auction where participants could win a customized Vespa. There was also a Silent Auction where guests bid on exquisite gifts and experiences. Timatha Kasten performed a musical tribute accompanied by a jazz trio honoring the memory of Broadway legend Marty Richards.

This year’s Host Committee included Jean Shafiroff,  Christopher Barley, Christine Boeke, Debra Caplan, Michele Herbert, Heidi and Colin Mitchell, Meghan and Darryl Pardi, Leane Romeo, Kevin and Carolyn Ryan, Sheri Sandler,  Sophie Ann Terrisse and Kevin Flagg, Kathy Trakas, Lauren Vernon, and Susan Warren. Hero Sponsors of the evening were Henry Buhl, Ronnie and Marty Foont, Linda Schoenthaler, Kate and Andy Spade, Christine Rales, and Vespa of Manhattan.

Founded in 1995, the NYCC is the only independent center in New York City to provide free, comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to child victims of physical and sexual abuse and their families, for as long as their healing requires. The dedicated staff will never turn a child in need away. The NYCC is a nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure it is able to provide these services.

Honorary Chair of the NYCC Board of Directors Kate Spade believes that at the Center, “Children are supported in their journey to a safer place. There is no other organization quite like it.” To date, the center has helped more than 15,000 families receive care. The NYCC also provides groundbreaking training programs on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of child abuse, attended by medical students, doctors, nurses and first responders worldwide. More than 20,000 professionals have been trained through NYCC’s educational programs.

 Photo Courtesy Of: Lenny Stucker