Alex Perez

Having lived in Long Island City at Hunters Point South for almost a year now, it has been a very sad day for all our residents because of the death of Alex Perez. 

Living in a new community brought in new lives for many of us. Building a strong community, building new friendships has been a wonderful adventure. Alex Perez was one of the greatest joys in our new community.

Alex a EX NYC Cop loved animals. He built a cat hotel on a vacant peace of land for the stray cats so they would not freeze to death in the winter. He spent almost all his money every month to feed them and spent endless hours late at night roaming Hunters Point South for great additions to his hotel. Residents of Hunters Point Crossing helped out with food and support to help Alex in his quest to keep the cats safe and warm. Sadly, the sanitation department tore it all down the other day for the Bernie Sanders Rally. But lucky, Alex never saw his dream pet hotel destroyed.

Alex would help anyone. A woman in our building wanted to borrow his sweater because she was a designer, he took it off and gave it to her. He gave pet toys to almost every tenants pet. He would help out and walk them when they could not make it home in time and Alex loved it. Older tenants or tenants that were not that well, Alex would run to Urban Market and shop for them and would never take a dime. It was on him. Even if he was broke, he would give you his last dollar.

My son John Brand loved him. Alex would help him clean the turtle tank in our apartment. Alex would take him to his doctors appointments. Alex would talk to him and listen to him. I would take long walks at night with Alex and our dogs talking about old New York City and Alex loved my crazy stories on the way things used to be. Recently I took Alex for a day trip to Southampton with our friend Copley Kemp, and showed him the historic old shops and we had a wonderful lunch at Fellinghams. We had such a great day.

Even know our building is not even a year old yet, the 11 months we all had together as a family and community is priceless. He will be so missed by Janean Mingo, Donna, Danelle, Fairy and Fran. He will be missed by the staff of Hunters Point South Crossing and all the tenants here. He died so young at age 50.

I would also like to thank Oscar Collins from Related Management who came to our apartment and told us and sat with us. No other landlord would do this. We are a community here at Hunters Point South Crossing and knowing Alex Perez has only made us kinder and stronger. RIP Our friend!