Rita Cosby

Tomaczek Bednarek With Paul Ferguson, Rita Cosby,
Dominic Chianese And Kelly Wright

WABC Radio's Political Editor Rita Cosby hosted a blockbuster evening this month featuring top political guests and entertainers.

Ann Coulter & Rita Cosby
The sold-out crowd packed Delmonico's Kitchen in New York City and were treated to Cosby's dynamic personality and great political insight as well as a surprise interview from then GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson, who told the captivated audience some big news... why he was about to leave the race. Political firebrand Ann Coulter stirred up the crowd when she discussed her controversial views on Donald Trump and immigration, even taking questions from both sides of the political aisle. The fabulous evening also included great singing by Sopranos' star Dominic Chianese, Fox News Host Kelly Wright and Tomaczek Bednarek, as well as an amazing guitar rendition of "Purple Rain" by Paul "Sequence" Ferguson. Ferguson and Cosby also spoke about supporting veterans and remembering the cost of freedom for America and the world. Attendees raved about the powerful, patriotic evening from beginning to end.