John Waters

Playboy TV’s hit original series Groundbreakers hosted by legendary filmmaker and artist John Waters returns for a second season!

Groundbreakers officially returns. The second season promises to take viewers on a nostalgic rollercoaster through the artistic world of classic cinematic porn while delivering the most groundbreaking adult movies in history. Among the 10 all new episodes, for the first time ever Playboy TV will air the full-length animated adult feature Fritz the Cat, adult musical Blonde Ambition and The Opening of Misty Beethoven, an adult blockbuster - inspired by My Fair Lady.

“What is often thought of as ‘bottom of the barrel’ sometimes rises to the top like curdled cream. Only history can decide what films will stick around to cream you again in a whole different light and ‘Groundbreakers’ hopes to accelerate this decidedly unwholesome progress of filth” says, John Waters.

John Waters uncovers amazing secrets and behind-the-scenes tidbits about these groundbreaking films pointing out well-known directors working under pseudonyms and adult performers who went on to star in such mainstream shows as Breaking Bad and The Love Boat. Waters reveals bizarre connections between these films and The Merv Griffin Show, Whoopi Goldberg and even Mickey Mouse. Each a product of its time, one film even has a shocking connection to the Nixon administration.

“When you’re airing vintage adult films based on the work of Steinbeck, Dickens, and a musical tribute to Gone with The Wind, who else could be your host but John Waters?” Playboy TV Vice President of Development and Current Programming Wendy Miller adds, “John has an encyclopedic knowledge of film history and is a true, fearless visionary.” Playboy TV’s Groundbreakers is executive produced by Emmy®-award winning producer, Wendy Miller and written by Matt Weinhold.