Jean Shafiroff Speaks

Board of Education President Lamont Johnson

Jean Shafiroff With Hempstead Leaders

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff alongside Nassau County legislator and Public Safety Committee Chairman Dennis Dunne, Town of Hempstead Mayor Wayne Hall and Hempstead Board of Education President Lamont Johnson introduced the New York Toy Gun Exchange Program at a press conference this month at Kennedy Memorial Park in Hempstead, NY.

New York Toy Gun Exchange

Founded by Shafiroff, the program allows children to exchange their water pistols, replica fire arms and other imitation weapons for sporting goods, educational items and safe toys. The Long Island Toy Gun Exchange Program is being sponsored by the Hempstead School District and the toys are being donated by Ms. Shafiroff to stop gun violence - before it starts. This is the first program of its kind in the Long Island/New York City metropolitan area.

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Photos By: James Edstrom/Times Square Gossip