Suzanne LaFleur

Hollis Taggart Galleries is pleased to present a selection of recent large-scale paintings by Suzanne LaFleur. The works are on display at Hollis Taggart Galleries’ Chelsea location from November 19 - 28, 2015. An artist reception will be held Thursday, November 19 from 5 to 8 pm.

New York based artist Suzanne LaFleur imparts a contemporary sensibility to the traditions of abstract expressionism and color field painting. To create her monumental paintings, LaFleur lays unprimed canvases onto the floor and then pours paint directly on the surface. The entire process allows the materials to interact in such a way that they dissolve representation. The pictorial aftereffect is both transcendental and sensory, inviting viewers to contemplatively move through the composition.

In the current exhibition, a work titled Tranquil Sanctuary (2014) demonstrates LaFleur’s acute understanding of color’s expressive capacities. First drawn to edgy streaks of red, the eye eventually finds refuge in the still watches of cool blues, white, and purple that rest inside the paintings’ earthy green boarder. In Seminal Dawn (2014), color completely obliterates any sense of form. Arranged in vibrant hues, the composition presents a fiery current of yellow and red encroaching on an inert mass of green and blue. Bellowing with energy, Blue Vortex (2015) presents a cloud of pink and green swirling above a sky blue center. The contrast of colors work to create a sense of depth within the picture, suggesting that a calmer world can be found just below the surface.

Suzanne LaFleur is an award-winning artist who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, Middle East, and Europe. In Summer 2015, she had a solo exhibition titled Déjà vu at Mark Humphrey Gallery, Southampton. In Summer 2014, LaFleur was presented by Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York at Art Southampton. She exhibited in New Voices at Lawrence Fine Art, East Hampton, and Outside the Lines: Modernist Drawings at the National Arts Club, New York. In 2014, she had a solo exhibition titled Serene Refuge at Lawrence Fine Art and was featured in the annual Women Only exhibition at Flomenhaft Gallery, New York. LaFleur has exhibited at the Park Avenue Armory, and Pulse Contemporary Art Fair (Presented by Benefit Print Project, New York) and Art Hamptons.

The Artists Magazine selected LaFleur’s drawing Flight of Passion as a finalist in the abstract/experimental category of its 32nd Annual Art Competition. She is a 2014 Guild Hall Museum prize-winning artist. The National Arts Club honored her with the 2014 Art Spirit Foundation Gold Medal for Pastel and 2013 Flora Giffuni Memorial Award for Pastel. A portion of the proceeds from the Suzanne LaFleur Exhibition sales will be donated to Friends of Cancer Research.

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