Coco and Ice-T

If there's one thing Coco loves, its fabulous shoes!

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the mom-to-be is more than excited to welcome a baby girl this December where she will absolutely shower her with plenty of girly gifts.

"I just can't wait to dress her up. You know I never had a doll in my life. Never had a Barbie my entire life," she told E! News exclusively from her East Coast home. "So this is my first real life doll."

She continued, "People are like why did you never have a doll? I was a tomboy and I would much rather have electronic games to play with. I was more into sports."

Fast-forward to today and the talk show host has already received Louboutins, headbands, heels and designer clothes from family and friends. They will all be put to good use once baby Chanel enters the world.

When giving a tour to E! News, Coco also joined her husband Ice-T who has been more than supportive of his leading lady throughout the pregnancy. That love and care has been especially helpful when the fitness buff experienced critics who called her bump too small.

"She didn't show for a long time," the Law & Order: SVU star shared. "A lot of people are like, she's not pregnant, she's lying, she's having a surrogate, all kinds of weird stuff. I'm like the girls pregnant. Just give it a little time."

"Literally, on the eighth month, I woke up and was like 'Oh my god. I'm huge. I feel like an Oompa Loompa,'" Coco later joked to E! News. "I know I'm still not that big, but to me, I could usually see my toes and I can't see my toes when I look down."

Ice-T added, "It's not because of your stomach honey."

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