Jean Shafiroff With Henry Buhl

Christine Crowther With Henry Buhl And Susan Warren

Lucia Hwong Gordon

Christine Rales

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted The Sunflower Party at the home of Henry Buhl in Southampton, NY.

During the event, guests were able to bid on a host of items in a silent auction, which included boleros from the Harrison Morgan Collection, a Sk8 Studio skateboard donated by Tracy Stern amongst other items. All proceeds raised from the silent auction and ticket sales will go towards the NYCC’s services, which help victims of child abuse and their families through the healing process.

Cocktail and hors d’oeuvres served at the event were provided by: Manhattan Moonshine, debuting the first premium un-aged white whiskey, Sufi Wines, Circo Southampton, Pasion Tequila, Iceberg Vodka, Fruzen Ice, Tracy Stern Tea & Co. and Gabriella Wines.

Joy And Alan Marks

Nicole DiCocco With Harrison Morgan

Alyson Cambridge
Notable attendees at the event included: Henry Buhl (Event Host and Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Lauren Vernon (Board Member, New York Center for Children; Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Christine Rales (Board Member, New York Center for Children); Christine Crowther (Director, New York Center for Children); Alyson Cambridge (Host Committee, Sunflower Party; Metropolitan Opera Singer); Aviva Drescher (TV Personality); Lucia Hwong Gordon (Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Joy Marks (Host Committee, Sunflower Party); Tracy Stern (Founder, Tracy Stern Tea & Co.); Nicole Dicocco (Host Committee, Sunflower Party); Anna Mann & William Mann; Jean Shafiroff (Philanthropist); Andrew Flach (Publisher, Hatherleigh Press); Andrea Greeven-Douzet (Publisher, Beach Magazine); Dr. Penny Grant; Lisa Herbert; William Kehler (Founder, Manhattan Moonshine); Maria and Mario Maccioni (Owners, Circo Southampton); Jackie Rogers (Fashion Designer); Howie Rosen (Founder, Pasion Tequila); Randi Schatz (Publisher, Avenue on the Beach); Hana Bisceglie (Founder, Fruzen Ice).

William And Anna Mann

Will Kehler
Guests joined band leader Alfredo Merat on the dancefloor and attendees were serenaded by Metropolitan Opera singer Alyson Cambridge for a special rendition of the song Summertime. Following the performance, event co-host Lauren Vernon thanked all guests for attending, and discussed the importance of their fundraising efforts for the children and families who utilize the NYCC’s resources. At the conclusion of the event, guests received a gift bag featuring customized poker chips from Custom Made Casino. Founded in 1995, the NYCC is the only independent center in New York that offers relief to families and children who have been victims of abuse, providing free, comprehensive therapy for as long as they need. The dedicated staff will never turn a child in need away. The NYCC is a nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure it is able to provide these services.

Event Co-Chairs included: Lauren Vernon, Henry Buhl and Lucia Hwong Gordon. The Host Committee for the Sunflower Party includes: Alyson Cambridge, Guy Clark, Nicole Dicocco, Jeannie J. Joshi, Petra Khashoggi, Jamie Lewis, Joy Marks, Harrison Morgan, Christine Rales and Carolyn and Kevin Ryan. Board of Directors of NYCC Include: Kate Spade, Kevin J. Ryan, Steven Alden, Christine Boeke, Michele Herbert, Jamie L. Lewis, Heidi Mitchell, Christine Rales, Linda Schoenthaler, Dr. Annie Sparrow, Sophie Ann Terrisse, Lauren Vernon and Georgette Mosbacher.