Photos By: Patrick McMullan
Laraine, Gordon, With Jean Shafiroff And Renee Schlather

Adam Gould And Natalie Cohen Gould

Carol Bauhs And Cynthia Roth

Julia Cairo
Jean Shafiroff and Sequin, a fashion jewelry store founded by sisters Kim and Linda Renk, hosted a glamorous kick-off event, along with store manager, Cheryl Dovenberg on Saturday, June 27th, for the July 18th Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation's 6th Annual Unconditional Love Gala. Supporters including Board President Jonathan McCann, Executive Vice President Clifton Knight and his wife Raya Knight, Martin Shafiroff, Randi Shatz, Sharon Kerr, Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, and Lauren Witkoff were among the guests admiring women’s fine jewelry and petting the adoptable dogs on hand for the party. Chairwoman, Jean Shafiroff, thanked guests for coming and discussed the importance of The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

This year’s Great Gatsby themed Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Unconditional Love Gala will take place on July 18th with music by The Alex Donner Orchestra.

Randi Schatz And Lauren Witkoff

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is ranked among the top ten shelters in the country. In addition to providing adoption services, the shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. The Training and Behavior Department, evaluates each dog and develops individually tailored training, based upon a dog's needs. Dog obedience classes, as well as dog playgroups, are offered to the public.

For further information and/or to purchase tickets for the July 18th Unconditional Love Gala, please contact: Adrienne Walter, 631-488 8000 or visiting HERE FOR TICKETS.