Story By: G. H. HARDING
Joan Jett

THE OTHER (AND FIRST) BECK --- Eagle Rock Entertainment just released Jeff Beck’s Performing This Week . . . Live at Ronnie Scott’s – Special Edition on two CDs. Meanwhile, a three-LP edition will also be released later this summer.

Performing This Week . . . features classic tracks from the storied guitarist’s career, including: “Beck’s Bolero;” “Led Boots;” “Scatterbrain;” “Where Were You;” “Angels (Footsteps);” “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers;” and his now iconic version of The Beatles’ classic track from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “A Day in the Life.” This amazing show includes guest appearances by Joss Stone, Beck’s fellow former Yardbirds guitarist Eric Clapton, and Imogen Heap.

From his time with the Yardbirds in the Sixties, through the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart initially on lead vocals, and into his continued solo career, Beck‘s unique guitar style and constant desire to explore new musical areas and sounds has won him the admiration of peers and legions of fans worldwide. Though he’s never really been as mainstream a rock figure as, say, Eric Clapton, his refined sense of style and abilities have put him near the top of every musician’s list. His unique style of playing the guitar, always with thumb and fingers instead of a conventional guitar pick, remains a unique pleasure. As always, his take here on Stevie Wonder‘s “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” is marvelously brilliant and one of my personal favorites.

For novices, Beck‘s 1975 album Blow by Blow and the 1976 LP Wired (both of which, in retrospect, should have made him a superstar) make for some great listening. Go, Beck!

ROCK & ROLL INDUCTION --- We caught the latest edition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (shown on HBO), and thought it was just stunning. Truth be told, we've seen some of the other ones and thought they just didn't work. This one, however—featuring the induction of Joan Jett, the late Lou Reed, and Ringo Starr—was stunningly put together. Patti Smith’s induction of Reed, and the subsequent acceptance speech by his widow Laurie Anderson, were both incredibly heartfelt.

Smith was the perfect person to handle this. Choked up with emotion, she was just phenomenal. Anderson was equally as emotional and elegant, and delivered quite a speech.

To me, Reed was the real deal . . . in every way. He often came across as cynical and sarcastic in public settings. In private, though, he was said to be delightful. He is recalled as having possessed quite the sense of humor . . . about everything, including himself. He was a geek-head, too—mired in the technology of music. Listen to his records . . . they all sounded perfect! (Even his Metal Machine Music has a beautiful chaos about it.)

I'll never forget attending a screening and while waiting for the movie to begin, I got up to have a look at the room behind me and sitting directly in back was Reed and Anderson. We all shared a moment, it was oddly chilling, but Reed ended up giving me the nod!

I think out of all his terrific work, the one I loved the best was when he re-staged and re-performed the 1973 album Berlin live in concert at the St. Ann’s Warehouse (directed by Julian Schnabel) in 2008. A subsequent DVD release remains one of my all-time favorite works.

His music was brilliant on every level. What a loss.

CLOSING NOTES --- Q104.3’s Maria Milito was the guest host on Monday’s The Call on NY1. Terrific!

Another great interview with Harry Wayne “KC” Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band in Rock Cellar Magazine. Hard to believe his signature hit, “Get Down Tonight,” charted in the #1 slot forty years ago. Check it out here:

From Deadline Hollywood: “When we last saw Dr. Lecter at the end of Season 2 last year, he had walked away from a bloodbath and was flying far from America with the psychiatrist Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) by his First-class side. Well, Season 3 of Hannibal picks up on June 4 with the duo amongst the bright lights and poetry of Europe, but there is still a lot of blood flowing.“

Now, that’s a review. I absolutely love this re-imagining of the Hannibal tale. Dutch-born Mads Mikkelsen was an inspired choice to essay Lecter.

And Hugh Dancy certainly ain’t too bad a choice either, as criminal profile Will Graham. We also understand that there will be many references to the Ridley Scott-directed movie of the same name in 2001—itself a direct sequel to Jonthan Demme’s Oscar-winning Best Film The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Bryan Fuller’s vision here is just sensational. Can’t wait for this one . . . tomorrow!

Gloria Reuben at Spaghettini in Beverly Hills on June 26; her new USA Network series, Mr. Robot, with Christian Slater, debuts on June 24.

Rumors abound that 83-year old Regis Philbin will join the third hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I’m a Reege-fan from way back with Joey Bishop. After the way ABC and Bob Iger treated him, he deserves one last big moment. It’s not a co-hosting gig, but as a continuing regular. And after the Brian Williams debacle, it would be a breath of fresh air . . .

Finally, another Melissa McCarthy movie? Loved her in Bridesmaids, but enough is enough. Her last outing with Reese Witherspoon disappeared with nary a peep. I think it’s time for a break from all these pictures!