The Amazing Kreskin

Over fifty volumes of manuscripts and guarded secrets of Psychics and Magicians amassed by Dr. Stanley Jaks (1903-1960) has been the possession of The Amazing Kreskin for decades.

Years ago Kreskin purchased the books for only a couple thousand dollars from the Jaks estate. A few years later, Kreskin was stunned when a collector offered him $1.25M. A few days later Kreskin was offered 10% higher from a well-known personality who declined to reveal himself. He later learned the offer had come from a world famous illusionist. Subsequently, Kreskin turned down both offers.

Three weeks ago, Kreskin received an offer of $2M from an international collector. Last week he decided to move the books out of his house into a temperature controlled storage unit.

Kreskin has long been reluctant to sell the volumes. For years there have been rumors he would bury these books in concrete so the secrets would never be revealed. What’s to come… there’s only one man who knows.