Larry King With Tavis Smiley

Below is a transcript of a short clip from PoliticKING with Larry King. This week’s guest, Tavis Smiley, sounds off on his opinion of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016.

KING: Will Bush-Clinton be a same-old same-old.

SMILEY: Oh it could never be the same-old, same-old. This is going to be, if it turns out to be there.


SMILEY: I think these are still both foregone conclusions though, I think they’re foregone conclusions.

KING: About the nominations even?

SMILEY: Yeah well I think they’re - they’re certainly both going to run but I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves if we think that they’re necessarily going to be the two nominees. I think there’s a chance that might not happen number one. But secondly, I just think it’s a huge mistake, and I love Hillary Clinton she’s a personal friend, I think I can say that, but I think it’s a huge mistake for the Democratic Party to coronate her. You know, this is an election, it’s not an auction; it ought not go to the highest bidder. You’re not the queen. You ought not be coroneted here. This is an election. And I think that she is going to be a much better candidate in the general election if she really has to run the field in the primary.

KING: You’d like to see the O’Malley’s and the Warren’s?

SMILEY: For her sake, for her sake, and for the party’s sake, and for the country’s sake. I think that would serve her better, serve the party better, serve the country better. And I’m not sure what kind of - there’s going to be a lot of enthusiasm about her running as the first woman to be the nominee if she gets this but I also think that when you don’t have another - when you don’t have any primary challenges then the media has nothing else to focus on but what? But you. So the pressure on her and the intensity is going to be worse than she could ever imagine.


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