Matthew Weiner Teases Larry King

Mad Men creator and executive producer, Matthew Weiner teases Larry King on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now about the last season and final episode of the acclaimed series while taking a look back at one of the most acclaimed dramas of our time.

Director of the final two episodes of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner told Larry writing the final season was an “emotional experience.” On what to expect during the final 14 episodes, Matthew revealed, “I guess the question is, Don's material needs have been met. And he has created a wake of confusion behind him, and he's become the success that he pretended to be. So what else is there? That's kind of why we started the premiere of this part of it with 'Is That All There Is?' by Peggy Lee."

On complaints that Mad Men glorifies workplace sexism, the executive producer responded, “Half of the ad men would come out and say it wasn’t like that, we didn’t drink that much, or that’s bologna. And then 100 percent of the women who were there said it was exactly like that.” Matthew said women have claimed, “it’s still like that.”

And can the entertainment industry expect to see more from talented writer Matthew Weiner soon? Matthew confessed to Larry that he’s been working on a number of things, “I took some time off, sort of been healing and going back to real life in a way, for better or worse. And now I’m sort of itchy to work again. So I’ve been working on three to four things.”

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