Brain Jaffe And Elaine Baez

The new Off-Broadway comedy GOING ONCE! LAUGHING TWICE!! is set to open on Wednesday, October 15th. Performances began September 25th at St. Luke’s Theatre in the heart of the Theatre District.

Written by Brian Jaffe and directed by Eric Parness, this theatrical event is a hilarious interactive parody of the prestigious world of art auctions. Go behind the scenes at Chump’s Auction House, an unscrupulous world featuring an array of engaging scoundrels. Collect your bidding paddles & fortune in Chump Money at the door and then join in the auction: you can bid, laugh and (possibly) get swindled! The lucky high bidders actually take home the “objets d'artes.”

Featured in the cast of GOING ONCE! LAUGHING TWICE!! are Marlain Angelides (Lautrec, “Eurovision Song Contest”), Elaine Baez (South Pacific, Cranky Cabaret), Breena Beck (Broadway Backwards), Benjamin DeCamp Cole (The Killer, Top Five), Daniel Damiano (Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat), Wes Drummond (Make Me Love You; Kiss Me, Kate), Brian Jaffe (Off the Wall, Skitzofrenia), Winston Shaw (North to Maine, Or the Whale), Susan Slatin (Happy and Gay, On the Other Side), and Scott Watson (“Redrum,” Zombie Apocalypse).

GOING ONCE! LAUGHING TWICE!! is performed Thursdays at 7 PM and Fridays at 8 PM at St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 West 46th Street (just west of Eighth Ave.) Tickets are available through or by calling 212-239-6200.

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Photo Courtesy Of: Carol Rosegg


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