Story By: by G. H. HARDING
The Cast Of Dallas

FALL TV BEGINS NOW --- After weeks of endless promos, interviews and even CBS’ yearly half-hour show tub thumping their new children, the Fall TV Season finally begins in earnest tonight with a rather staggering lineup: First, you got the 2-hour season finale of Dallas on TNT – the show has been significantly energized since the tragic passing of Larry Hagman, with none other than Patrick Duffy strongly stepping up. Trust me, he’s been terrifically strong.

Benjamin McKenzie

James Spader
NBC has The Voice and The Blacklist - last season’s #1 show and what with James Spader literally chewing any scenery in sight, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better on the tube. Fox has the debut of Gotham which so far, has the best-buzz of any new TV show. As a long-time fan of the Caped Crusader, I must admit a certain amount of excitement over this show, which is Batman … before Batman; focusing rather on the exploits of as young Commissioner James Gordon, essayed by the terrific Benjamin McKenzie, from Southland. I'd bet the farm on this one. And, the season finale of CBS’ Under The Dome, the Stephen King-book-turned series which has proven weirdly fascinating throughout a strong second-season. And, this is just Monday! Good luck to all …

U2 BLUES -- Apple has released a cure for the U2 virus. Last week, Apple downloaded U2’s new album onto the phones and computers of unsuspecting customers, many of whom went online to complain they didn't want it taking up memory space and messing up their music collection. On Thursday, Apple released information telling users how they can remove the album.

Seems not everyone was thrilled by the surprise addition.

U2’s 13th studio CD, Songs of Innocence, will be available for purchase to anyone who wants it in Oct.

Laura Vandervoort

GIRL, SUPER --- DC Comics' Supergirl, a drama based on the comic character, has received a series commitment from CBS.

Supergirl is definitely flying onto the small screen.

TV Line reports that the network has given a series commitment to Supergirl, a superhero drama from Ali Adler and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti.

The hour-long drama will focus on Kara Zor-El, the 24-year-old cousin of Superman. Like the Man of Steel, she escaped the destruction of their home planet Krypton unscathed.

The series will focus on Kara’s decision to stop hiding her superhero powers and instead become “the hero she was meant to be.”

Supergirl’s most high-profile pop culture appearances include a critically drubbed 1984 flick starring Helen Slater, and Laura Vandervoort’s portrayal of Kara on TV series Smallville.

While there are no details yet on who will portray Supergirl on the small screen this time, Berlanti recently told Variety that he has already received positive feedback from those who want to see the female superhero get her due.

“I’ve gotten a number of messages from friends and former coworkers who write me about their daughters wearing superhero outfits instead of princess outfits and how they're grateful that people are working on it,” he said. Stay tuned!

Garth Brooks

CLOSING NOTES --- Garth Brooks will release his next, highly-anticipated album on Tuesday, November 11th.

Brooks held a press conference in Atlanta Friday to announce the official date for his forthcoming Pearl/RCA project. The album title has not yet been confirmed, but the project is available for pre-order via Brooks’ newly launched digital platform,Ghosttunes.

Brooks' current single, "People Loving People" is available as an immediate download with the pre-order …

Justin Theroux

I viewed the season finale of HBO’s The Leftovers (“The Prodigal Son Returns”) once more and just marveled at what a terrific episode it was; from Justin Theroux’s acting to the amazing visuals. Yes, the scene of Justin washing his hands in water after reading a sizable portion from The Bible was a bit too predictable, but it was great nonetheless. This was a great series and I’ve said before, Damon Lindelof’s opus reminded me totally of his great Lost-series …

After an interminable year-long wait, Mark Bego’s Life With My Father Glen Campbell, is finally unleashed here in the States (via Overlook Publishing) this Thursday. The book is officially being launched next week with a special in-store (Parnassus Books in Nashville) with Bego and Debby Campbell …

SIGHTINGS --- PR-pasha David Salidor at Dinosaur Ribs in Brooklyn; Tom Hanks filming Steven Spielberg’s St. James Place in Brooklyn Heights; Donnie Kehr at The Eagles at MSG last Thursday; and, The Posts' Richard Johnson hustling down West 47th street in NYC.