Connie Britton

“Nashville” Star Connie Britton appeared on HuffPost Live and chatted with host Ricky Camilleri about season three of the hit ABC series. Britton also discussed her new movie, "This Is Where I Leave You," revealing that she wishes her sex scene with Adam Driver hadn't been cut from the film, which hits theaters on September 19. Excerpts and clips below.

Connie Britton: "Most of my stuff was with Adam [Driver]. I was playing his girlfriend and I have become a huge fan of his from ‘Girls’… He’s just lovely and wonderful and down to earth and we had a great time… He’s just on fire but he’s so consistent as an actor… We actually shot a sex scene that didn’t end up making it into [‘This Is Where I Leave You’]. That incidentally was the first sex scene that [director] Shawn Levy has ever shot… [Levy] was so nervous. I think he was blushing the entire time. It was hilarious ... I would've liked if it had been in the movie."

Britton: "Adam Driver is the king of the sex scene, a la 'Girls,'... But he was so great and he was so kind of like , 'I want to make sure you're comfortable,' and I was like, 'I'm fine! No problem -- let's take care of Shawn Levy, he might need some help!'"

Britton also spoke about shooting "Friday Night Lights" in Austin and the pressure of TV ratings.

Britton: "It was funny, we would end the season [of ‘Friday Night Lights’] in Austin. We shot in Austin so we always felt like we were in a bubble. We just didn’t kill ourselves worrying about ratings and what was happening in LA and how people were perceiving our show… We always felt really removed in a wonderful way from all of that stuff. It worked beautifully – the connection between our writers who were all in LA and our show-runner and the crew and the cast in Austin. It worked seamlessly."