Rosie Perez With Rick's Cabaret Girls

Three blonde beauties from Rick's Cabaret New York girls were the "round card beauties" at the "Broadway Boxing" Show at BB Kings in Times Square, Manhattan. NYC was pure diamonds this night.

Movie star, choreographer and director Rosie Perez is a big boxing fan and was at the matches. The sexy showgirls from Rick's Cabaret enjoyed meeting Rosie.

"She is so nice," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Adrianna. "She has a great body and I told her that she should get in the ring and be a round card girl with us, too!"

Rick's Cabaret New York Girl Alison had a better idea. "I know she is a famous choreographer, and she is very sexy. I told her she should come back to Rick's with us and be a topless dancer for the night. I told her she definitely would make a lot of money. I've got some rich Wall Street guys who are regulars at the club and they would pay a fortune for her! haha!"