Marty Markowitz And Micky Dolenz

If you are a Monkees-fan and more specifically, a Micky Dolenz-fan, then his sold-out show last night at B. B. King’s here in NYC was a vintage-treat; as his performance and his band (the best ever he's had in this writer’s opinion) was manna for the soul … controlled cool for the soul.

As Q104.3’s Jim Kerr introduced him -as he did when Dolenz played the club two years back- and the band and Micky took the stage to "Mary, Mary," you could immediately sense a much more relaxed atmosphere than for the past few Monkees tours. Truth be told, with partners Nesmith and Tork along in the mix, there would always seem to be too much jostling for space. With solo-Dolenz you get a far better envisioned show; with terrifically telling anecdotes and just a much, better finely, paced performance.

His vocal performance on "D.W. Washburn" and "Johnny B. Goode" just astounding, and his re-working of "Sugar, Sugar" (Which The Monkees were first offered) dazzling. His last solo album Remember is thrill-packed with superior material and production. If you a fan and don't have it, get it.

His current band, with guitarist and music director Wayne Avers, at the helm, you're getting Dolenz at his best musically too; bassist John Billings, drummer Rich Dart are dazzling and with keyboardist Dave Alexander, nothing short of brilliant; adding their talents to each and every song. Avers' brilliant flourishes, for every song, are spot-on.

Micky’s sister Coco, who sang on many of the early-Monkee records is a sheer delight too. Her take on "Cryin' In The Rain" and "Different Drum" just sublime - with the audience hanging on every note. No doubt about it, a superior aggregation.

My personal favorite, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart’s “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” was a highlight, delivered with much verve and had much of the audience on their feet. None more so than former Brooklyn-Boro President Marty Markowitz, who had hosted The Monkees several years back at his now, much-missed Coney Island-concert series.

Note to Marty: Why don't you run for Mayor? Believe me; you have more supporters than you may realize … many more!

Also, terrifically received were “She,” “I'm A Believer,” “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

Also seen in the crowd were The Macwire's M. A. Cassata (www.themacwire.com); Premiere Radio's Mike McCann; Dolenz-pr man pasha David Salidor; B. B. King's Peter Abraham; and, writer Tony Sachs, who wrote what must be the best piece ever on Dolenz. Check it out HERE.

All in all his best NY-show ever!

Photo Courtesy Of: Paul Undersinger/PAULWORKS