Story By: G. H. HARDING

U2 REVIEW ---There's a new U2 album coming and there's a good chance it is going to be called Sirens. What isn't very clear is when it will be released.

Universal Music in Columbia tweeted "#noticias para los seguidores de @U2. El disco se va a titular #Sirens y estarĂ¡ listo en el mes de septiembre" which translates roughly to "For fans of U2. The album Sirens will be ready in September."

Interestingly, the tweet was deleted fairly quickly and it was later revealed that the tweet was wrong. The question is, was it wrong or was it an accidental leak?

Meanwhile, an article in the Irish Examiner says that the band's new album will be out in November despite Bono suffering from writer's block. The paper said "The U2 comeback is very much on for this year. This album has been a real struggle for them to make. It's taken a long time and Bono didn't find it easy but they feel very confident now and are convinced the wait has been worth it."

...or, maybe it will be out next year.

Sirens, or whatever the final name is for the album, will be U2's first album since 2009's No Line on the Horizon.

GOD’S POCKET --- We got a chance to finally see the much heralded John Slattery (Mad Men) written and directed movie God’s Pocket; with Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Tuturro, Richard Jenkins and the wondrous Christina Hendricks.

When Mickey's (Hoffman) crazy step-son Leon is killed in a construction accident, nobody in the working class neighborhood of God's Pocket is sorry he's gone. Mickey tries to bury the bad news with the body, but when the boy's mother demands the truth, he finds himself stuck in a life-and-death struggle between a body he can't bury, a wife he can't please and a debt he can't pay.

I’m a fan of Slattery’s, but this dreary slice of life tale goes absolutely nowhere. Hoffman, looking bloated and somewhat lost, is still terrific and watching you makes you realize all over what a terrific actor we lost this year (I kept thinking of his terrific Oscar-winning performance in director Bennett Miller’s 2005 Capote). Jenkins, as a celebrated newspaper writer is just astonishing good and actually makes the picture somewhat redeemable.

I'm glad I saw it, but expected so much more.

WRITER ED --- A few columns back we referenced writer Ed Wrobleski, who is currently finishing up a book on Jimi Hendrix. We sat with the Easthampton-resident and spoke to him:

Q: We know you're working on a book on Hendrix; why him? What
fascinated you about him?

A: I picked Hendrix because he's an artist I respect and also a lot of the books I've read on him are missing a lot of information. I'm covering everything you can possibly think of on him from the time he was born to his death and on people that worked with him.

I've got some quotes from people that were inspired by Jimi to play music, some local and some national celebrities as well, like Mark Rivera from Billy Joel's band and, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees who Jimi opened up for in the summer of '67.

What's always fascinated me about Jimi is his guitar playing and all the unique sounds he could get out of his guitar, and how much music he recorded in such a short period of time; I mean his major music career was from 1966-1970 and in four years he recorded more music then people tend to think he did.

Q: Who else would you like to write an article/book on?

A: I love all sorts of different artists and movie/television celebrities, so I'll start with Tegan and Sara, Reba McEntire, Evanescence, Otis Redding, Rod Stewart, Bob Seger, and, Katy Perry.

Q: What other musical artists do you admire ... and, why?

A: Led Zeppelin because they were such a great band and put out so much great music, Tegan and Sara again, Katy Perry because she just has such great songs and a great voice, and, again Mark Rivera, who most people know him for playing saxophone with Billy Joel but has a great album out right now and it's got a great feel and great sound too.

Q: How are you navigating through the business realities of publishing?

A: I'm working with pr-consultant David Salidor who is introducing me to several agents. I realize that I've got to have that in place before we move forward, but, since the Hendrix-book has attracted such a good reception, I expect to have that out either later this year and early in 2015.

Marty Markowitz

CLOSING NOTES --- Former Brooklyn-Borough President Marty Markowitz will be front-and-center at B. B. King’s Wednesday for Monkee-Micky Dolenz’s show. Marty is now based at NYC & Co., New York’s tourist bureau …

Congrats to Scarlett Johansson who hit pay dirt with her Lucy this weekend, hitting the 44 million marker; easily doubling what Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules did …

Happy Birthday to CBS FM's Scott Shannon ...

Driving out East this past weekend, two new songs stuck out: the new single from Maroon 5, "Maps," and, One Republic's "Love Runs Out."

"Maps" is the group and Adam Levine and their best. Brilliantly produced and recorded. One Republic's is sensational too. I know the summer is half-over, but these two songs could be the hits that emerge. Great stuff.