Paris Hilton At Hollywood Today

Direct from Hollywood - Paris Hilton Exclusively Talks to HTL About Madonna Inspiring her to get Sexual, Unicorns, DJ AM and her boys Lil Wayne and Birdman.

On Madonna being her inspiration for Come Alive: “Madonna has been an inspiration, ever since I was a little girl. Justify My Love is very sexy, and a very sexy song, and I wanted to be sexual and who better than Madonna to inspire me.”

On her new video single Come Alive: “The song is about love and magical creation. I wanted the video to be a fairytale, an ethereal fantasy world, I have a unicorn, rainbows and pink clouds. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank when growing up, so it’s kinda like Lisa Frank grew up and went to Ibiza.”

When asked where she got the unicorn: She said she had one, to which HTL host AJ responded, “Of course you do. You’ve heard here first. Paris owns her own unicorn.”

On a fan responding to her new video: “It’s exotic, tempting and diabolical.” “I love being called diabolical, never been called that before.”

On her working with Lil Wayne and Birdman: “They are my boys.”

On going back to Ibiza this summer as resident DJ at Amnesia: “I’ve been wanting to do that for about 10 years now. DJ AM taught me and now I’ve been doing it professionally for about three years.”

On being in a male dominated [DJ] field, how it feels to rock out sold out nights: “It’s Amazing. I am playing all around the world. I play a different show in a different country every single day.”

On her dog Peter Pan [in studio with her] : “He will be travelling with me to Ibiza. He is a service dog now so he can come everywhere with me.”

On the best part about coming home and seeing my dogs: “I like seeing their smile, it puts a huge smile on my face. Then they start jumping all over me and it makes me really happy.”

On what was your favorite part of being on Hollywood Today Live: “Had a great time on Hollywood Today Live, all the hosts were so sweet, always have a fun time here.”