Photos By: James Edstrom
Alix Astir

Dawne Marie Grannum

Alix Astir With George Wayne

Always Stunning Jean Shafiroff

Helen Johnson And Lisa Bernstein

Christopher Pape With Cassandra Seidenfeld

Roy Kean And Rose Marie Dean

Jean Shafiroff With George Wayne

Alix Astir With Cynthia Bailey

The Floral Designer to the Stars Alix Astir makes her formal debut as New York’s “Rose Queen,” covering the June issue of Resident magazine. The founder of Trellis Fine Florals is a cut above the rest. All hail the Queen!

We recently went to a great party at Texas de Brazil to celebrate the fantastic cover and a host of celebrities and fashionable New Yorkers were there.

Alix Astir In The Resident
As Resident Magazine put it, Alix explores the corners of Manhattan’s flower district with commanding charisma. Vendors nod in recognition…and respect. She moves deftly from storefront to awning, navigating one of the nation’s most historic markets like the insider she was born to be. Alix lingers over some roses, running a manicured finger over blush-hued petals. “Fresh flowers have life in them,” she says. “They’re vibrant, strong, unbending. These have probably been in the warehouse a week. See how they are starting to goose neck?” She points at a floppy rose head, and moves on, assessing more blooms. It’s no accident that Alix Astir became New York’s Rose Queen. She strives to be the Anna Wintour of roses: a connoisseur known for a flick of the wrist, a subtle nod to the way art beds commerce, and we all stand to benefit. “This is New York, baby. We get to choose perfection here: isn’t that incredible?” she says, with a wink that broadcasts floral runway supermodel having the time of her life.

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff was there as were New York Legend George Wayne and superstar Cynthia Bailey. Resident Editor Christopher Pape was all smiles with Cassandra Seidenfeld and the event was a huge success.