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On the 20th anniversary of O.J. Simpson's infamous police chase, HuffPost Live spoke with Simpson's close friend and former manager Norman Pardo. Pardo told host Marc Lamont Hill that Simpson did not write the controversial book "If I Did It," which explores how Simpson would have hypothetically carried out the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Pardo also claimed that Simpson received a $600,000 payout for agreeing to claim authorship of the book. Excerpts and clips below.

Pardo: “I remember when that book was coming out. O.J. called me. He said, 'Here's the deal,' because it was in the news that he was going to do an interview. I said, 'O.J., don't do it, it's stupid.' He said, 'Hey, they offered me $600,000 not to dispute that I [wrote] the book.' He said, 'That's cash.' I said, 'They're going to think you wrote it.' He said, 'So? Everybody thinks I'm a murderer anyway. They're not going to change their mind just because of a book.'”

Pardo: "A ghostwriter for [the book's publisher] wrote the book. [O.J.] was going to do an interview to say, 'I wrote the book, blah blah blah,' and they give him money."

Courtesy Of: HuffPost Live