Tia Mowry-Hardrict With Wendy Williams

Tia Mowry-Hardrict dished to Wendy Williams today about cutting her hair short, her obsession with Beyonce, and working with some of TV's most beloved moms.

Tia revealed she recently cut her hair short beneath her wig. "A lot of people, they ask me this when they see my hair straight like this. I'm protecting my curls. When I want a sleek, sexy straight look, I don't want to blow it out because I'm going to ruin my hair. It's grown out. It was damaged before, so that's why I had to cut it all off, and now it's grown out in these curls. My son, he influenced me to do it." She added that her sister, Tamera, cut her hair off too completely coincidentally, "Ironically, we did it at the same time. I had no idea she was doing that."

Obsessed with Beyonce, Tia explained why the singer's security barred her from saying hello recently. "I work at Paramount studios and she was there rehearsing for the Grammys. And I found out and I went crazy. My son, my husband, we were there. She was rehearsing on the stage and I was like 'let's go over there and say hi'. And I went over there and her bodyguard came out; the light skin one with the bald head. He has no hair. So I started saying 'hi, my name is Tia, I have my son.' He shut me down. He just said 'I'm sorry she's not seeing anybody, you can't go in there, she's rehearsing.' I was devastated. But I still love you Beyonce."

Working with an array of beloved TV moms, including Florence Henderson, Meredith Baxter and Marion Ross, for the Mother's Day episode of her Nickelodeon series "Instant Mom," Tia said, "It was amazing doing that show. It really, really was surreal acting with Florence Henderson, somebody that I grew up with on the Brady Bunch."