Story By: G.H. Harding

Barbara Walters

WALTERS ADIEU --- We watched the two-hour broadcast on ABC last Friday (Barbara Walters: Her Story) about departing newswoman Barbara Walters … and, was literally gobsmacked by the depth and width of the people she has interviewed in her 50-year career; from Betty Davis to Mamie Eisenhower (!) and, Castro, Carrey and Carson. I recall growing up and watching her interviews and being more fascinated than anything else about her choice of subjects; deftly mixing the entertainment and news barriers. Listen, it was compelling for sure. Watching this special was like recalling so many instances from my growing up.

While it’s easy to dismiss The View at times – especially when all the participants talk at once- the show has been a hit and endures all these years later.

Friday's View show (Walters' final appearance) featured Hillary Clinton, Oprah all the previous View-hosts and most of the key-female news people in the business; including Joan Lunden; Paula Zahn; Connie Chung, Kathie Lee Gifford with Hoda Kotb and Cynthia McFadden. It was, to say the least, quite a sight.

We said it last week and say it again; they'll never be another like her. Rest easy Ms. Walters … you certainly deserve it.

CUSICK WORKS--- Hudson River Valley Artist and Photographer Russell Cusick will show his Photo/acrylic work, in a group show at New Century Gallery, in New York City. The opening reception is Saturday May 24th from 3-6pm. The show will run to June 7th. Head on over to 530 West 25th street and be the first to grab some of his great works.

MILLION DOLLAR HAMM – we caught Jon Hamm’s new movie Million Dollar Arm this weekend and loved it; though it does drag a tad in the middle. Hamm plays a sports agent down on his luck who brilliantly devises a contest called Million Dollar Arm to find baseball’s next great player from India.

Though that’s the main story, its underlying narrative lies in the three men from India finding their place in America; Los Angeles to be sure. Hamm’s character at first is totally dismissive of their needs, until his neighbor, played by the stunning Lake Bell, encourages him to look at the others side of the coin.

Hamm, who was just wonderful in Ben Affleck’s The Town, shows a commanding stance in the role which is based on a true story. Alan Arkin as a weathered coach, perhaps past his prime, is also superb.

No question, this is his best movie yet, but my guess his breakthrough role is right around the corner. We loved this one.

PENN SCORES --- Composer Michael Penn (Boogie Night, Sunshine Cleaning) has reached new heights in 2014, composing the music for two of the top TV series of the 2013-2014 season: HBO’s Girls and Showtime's Masters Of Sex. Last week Penn was recognized with a BMI Award for his work on Sex.

Every year, music-publishing firm BMI, salutes the composers of music featured in the past year’s top-grossing films, top-rated prime time network television series and highest-ranking cable network programs at its annual Film & TV Awards.

“We are thrilled to honor Michael Penn for his work on this show. Not only is Masters Of Sex a top rated show, but Michael's music for it is sheer genius,” said Doreen Ringer-Ross, of BMI.“The full-length show open for it is comprised of clever and creative images that, together with Michael's unique theme, totally define the show's spirit. This is especially great in a day where TV themes are disappearing.”

“It’s wonderfully nice to be recognized by BMI in this way,” said Penn; Sean's brother.

Masters Of Sex is a period piece about the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, Masters and Johnson. One of the prominent sonic textures Penn uses throughout the score is the sound of a 1940's keyboard instrument called the Novachord – an early polyphonic tube synthesizer.

Said Penn, “Because Michael Sheen’s Dr. Masters character is so detached from his own feelings, I felt something of a clinical, otherworldly sound would be effective and interesting. In some ways, they were more sophisticated electronic instruments than the ones being made now.”

CLOSING NOTES --- Check out WFAN’s Zach Martin in a great interview in Keith Girard’s The Improper

We're checking out later today a preview of a new play called Smoke & Mirrors; produced by Michelle Grant and Danielle Gautier. Details to follow …

This weekend’s SNL-season finale with Andy Samberg was pretty funny with a number of special guests, including Maya Rudolph, Fred Amisen, Bill Hader, and Martin Short. Their opening sketch about a contrite Jay Z and Solange explaining their elevator romp was hilarious. Good ending to a tough, transitional season …

Look for Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys to premiere in NYC on June 9 with a big bash to follow ...

We're fascinated with the band GoodMan Fiske, and their newest release called Uncovered, featuring originals ... and, covers. More to follow on these guys later in the week.