The Best Of Bianca Del Rio

It has been many years since I was hanging out with Ru Paul. I have such memories when she was just like all of us hanging out at the Christopher Street piers in New York City. Then her career skyrocketed with "Work" and this diva always worked. 

I will always remember being backstage with Ru Paul at Wigstock. It sent shivers down my spine when she went on to perform in front of what seemed like all of New York City. Ru took the stage and told the story of how she used to be homeless and poor and used to sleep on the piers. Then Ru pointed to a luxury apartment building in the sky and said, "that's where I live now, you got to work it baby" and blasted into her number one hit. New York City had made another star.

I started to see Ru at penthouse parties. Ru became friends with some of the most powerful and rich people in the world. We would drink champagne at Denise Rich's apartment overlooking Central Park. Eartha Kitt, Kelsey Grammer, Fitness Guru High Voltage were all there. For some strange reason, I was part of this crowd and was a insider. I remember one night at Denise Rich's penthouse and Jimmy James was performing for our close knit crowd. He was singing some of Eartha Kitt's best hits when the door slammed open and in ran Eartha Kitt yelling, Ill show you how to do it. The two belted out songs together and I was shaking from all the excitement.This was old New York. You never knew what would happen.

We always had a deal with Ru Paul. In Ru's early career we always promised not to photograph him as a man. Ru trusted us that we would never do this and I always kept my word. It was the photo the world wanted to see, but they would never get it from me. Very few people knew what Ru Paul really looked like. We kept is secret till Ru said, "show the world" and the world could not get enough.

As I got older, I started to keep a very low profile. Everyone that mattered in the Entertainment Business knew who I was, the younger generation had no idea and I liked it that way. I started doing less and less TV and I preferred just going to a event instead of working my ass off taking photos. Now I can be seen dining with a star and they know I will not come out if they ask me to bring a camera. If they are lucky and I am in the mood, I will take photos. Otherwise I just want to enjoy my evening without all the entertainment business talk. I am very happy for Ru Paul. He/she beat all odds and became a superstar, and I was there when it happened.


Most of my readers know I love Fire Island. I love staying at Dune Point and talking to my friend Petra Pavlasova and her mom Sona and I love to sit in the background at Cherry's On The Bay and watch the shows. When Bianca Del Rio performed, the whole town knew it. Everyone in Cherry Grove was running down the boardwalk yelling I have to get to Bianca Del Rio's show. Bitches in motorized wheelchairs would be racing down the wooden road to see Bianca. They could give a crap they just ran me into the bay, they wanted to see Bianca. She was everyones star in the Grove, long before the national attention she is now receiving.

What I really enjoyed seeing while Bianca was vying to become America's Next Drag Superstar was how her family in Cherry Grove Fire Island were supporting her. Jackie and Donna from Cherry's On The Bay gave us updates. Everyone was posting everywhere #teambianca. Bianca was there family and she had to win.

I think the most motivated Drag Superstar from Fire Island was Logan Hardcore. This bitch gave us more updates than the evening news. Everywhere I went on the Internet, there was Logan Hardcore yelling #teambianca. Logan would tell the world that Bianca was the best, that's it, theres nothing more to say, she will win. Every Facebook post, every twitter post you could hear the love Logan has for sister Bianca. Logan would post things like, if Bianca does not get this or that tonight, I'm going outside in Hells Kitchen and throw my high heals at someone. Logan was not going to stop, till Bianca won. I did not even have to watch the show, Logan had updates every second.

Bianca Del Rio is very talented. Having seen her show dozens of times, you just die. Bianca is one of the best. But the true look into how good a person is, is how much her friends and fans love her, and the love coming from New York City and Cherry Grove can not be beat. They love their friend Bianca Del Rio!
Bianca Del Rio was never America's Next Drag Superstar, she was always a star. And next year it will be Logan Hardcore I am sure. And Logan is just as talented in his own bitchy way. It's #teamlogan next year......