Robert De Niro

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. With Glenn Hoagland, Robert De Niro And Jane Rosenthal

Joined by his business partner Jane Rosenthal, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Mary Wittenberg (President of the NYRR) and 200+ others, the award-winning eco-conscious actor Robert De Niro celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Mohonk Preserve recently, New York State’s largest non-profit nature preserve.

The crowd was in good humor – as was De Niro, who teased that he had two speeches saying, “I was going to mix them both, but I’m probably going to take the safe one because I want to get out of here without looking like an a-hole.’ He jokingly went on to thank “Maria” –though he was introduced by Noah Gottdiener (her husband), because “That’s what was written for (him)." De Niro went on to say that “Mohonk Preserve is a shining example of the good that came come from smart sensitive care of our natural resources. Not long ago, that seemed like a good choice, now it’s a matter of life and death. We call all agree on that.” De Niro also talked about environmental catastrophes –-including the recent mudslide in Washington-- could have been avoided by choosing the environment over commerce. Quipping, “Traffic on the George Washington Bridge – well, that was something else entirely.” DeNiro concluded his remarks with a one-liner that brought the house down, “This should be the first commandment: ‘Don’t f--k with Nature.’”

Photo Courtesy Of: Brian Palmer/Mohonk Preserve