Russell Simmons With Larry King

Russell Simmons wants to do for meditation what he did for hip hop: make it mainstream. The business magnate and industry icon discusses the power of a quiet mind, of Justin Bieber, and of persistence in this wise and wide-ranging interview that aired today on Larry King Live. 

Among many topics, Russell Simmons discussed segregation in Hollywood: “It’s still a sad reality of Hollywood. Can you name a black agent?”

Simmons recaped his many entrepreneur endeavors and why he has “this belief that you cannot fail until you quit.” 

Simmons also weighed in on gay rights and why he’s a fan of Macklemore: “I want artists to tell the truth. But I am also a fan of social activists who are rappers. Gay rights has been a big deal for me.”

Social activism and celebrities using their influence to bring about necessary change – including being involved with the Occupy movement – is important to Russell Simmons: "Once something goes pop, once it goes commercial, when everybody's talking about it, then politicians have to move...Our democracy is deeply flawed."

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