Jean Shafiroff

Blanche McCoun With Cathy Duemler And Susan Cushing

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Kim Renk With Astrid Krevitz

Jean Shafiroff with Kim and Linda Renk hosted a kickoff cocktail reception for the Southampton Animal Shelter’s July 19th Summer Party on March 15, 2014 at Sequin on Worth Avenue. Jean Shafiroff, the chairwoman of the Southampton Animal Shelter Summer Party, spoke briefly about the goals of the shelter and Sequin owners, Kim and Linda Renk expressed their support. Jean also announced that the July 19th Gala in Southampton would honor Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Over 125 Palm Beachers and residents of Southampton made an appearance. Among the the guests were Martin Shafiroff, Jean Remmel, Cathy Duemler, Mark Badgley, James Mischka, Cynthia Gibbons, Susan Malloy, Greg Delia, Susan Cushing, Kristen Kelly Fisher, Terry Mersentes, Laura Codman, Alex Ives, Paola Bacchini, Evelyn Tompkins, Beatty Cramer, Zoe de Ropp, Liz Kelly, Blanche Napolean and Judith Guest.

The Shelter has a 94% release rate; over 94% of the animals that come into the shelter are released alive. The shelter’s board of directors oversees a van which travels in service around the state of New York, and offers spay and neutering services to areas in need of protecting the welfare of animals. The Shelter also believes that the bond between animals and humans is highly therapeutic and has an outreach program that extends to local schools, programs for the physically and mentally challenged and services for the elderly.

About Jean Shafiroff:

Jean Shafiroff, philanthropist, has many passions spanning from her charitable interests, to fashion and style. As an actively involved volunteer leader of a number of New York City and Southampton charitable causes, Jean continues to combine her love for fashion and philanthropy. Jean’s hands-on involvement with the multiple causes she supports is indisputable. She possesses a remarkable ability to connect different charitable groups with interested people and resources. Jean wears many hats as a board member, chairwoman, underwriter, and hostess of numerous charity events. Jean’s board memberships include The New York Women’s Foundation, JBFCS, French Heritage Society, The Couture Council, Lighthouse International Advisory Board, and Southampton Bath & Tennis Club Charitable Fund.

Photos Courtesy Of: Sequin