Naomi Campbell With Wendy Williams

Having appeared on the covers of over 500 magazines and walked runways for almost every famous designer in the world, supermodel Naomi Campbell today graced "The Wendy Williams Show" for the first time. Speaking about working without an assistant, plastic surgery fears and the possibility of kids, Naomi also revealed she has a New York driver's license and showed Wendy how to strut her stuff on an improvised catwalk.

While keeping her lips sealed when asked whether she's dating anyone right now, Naomi was more forthcoming when asked whether children in her future, inferring a sperm donor may be one of her options. "OK. Possibility. I absolutely adore [kids]. I adore. I have two orphanages in Kenya. Yeah. One in Jamaica. One in Cuba. I love kids. The right guy, or the right bank."

In coming to terms with the criticism prevalent on social media, Naomi revealed that while she posts directly to Twitter and Instagram, she hasn't had an assistant for years, who could otherwise handle this. "I don't have an assistant. No, I don't have an assistant because no one can do it faster than me. I'm a Gemini. I'm very fast."

With international merchandise in a variety of areas, including perfume, Naomi revealed her next venture will be a line of stockings. "Coming. On it's way. Very soon. You know what, I think, I kind of took a 5 year hiatus, so now I feel inspired. I love to work." She added, "Someone threw a CD at me the other day, like 'sign this'. I was like, can I have it? Cause I really don't have one anymore. I stuck my stuff in storage somewhere. It's nice to try different things. I am a model in my day job, but I wanted to try singing. It was not right for me. But you know, I got to make a video."

Fit and healthy in both diet and exercise, Naomi opened up about her fear of plastic surgery. "I'm afraid to go under the knife if I don't have to. Listen, God forbid there's an accident, then you know, you do what you do. But I'm afraid."

Not overly concerned with Photoshop as a tool in the modeling industry, Naomi revealed she relies on trust when working with photographers. "When I started, they didn't have it. It wasn't then existing. And now we're onto digital. I mean, basically, I do the picture out of trust with the photographer. I'm not one of the type of models that looks at the screen to see what do I look like, do I love the picture. It's not up to me. I base my relationship on my guys that I work with, on the photographers that choose me to work for publication on trust. And if I feel the picture's good between us, I'm cool, I don't need to look at it. I wait till it comes out in the magazine. It is not in my hands how it comes out. Because otherwise I'd never leave the shoot. I mean you have to have some type of trust, you can't be like, trying to control. You want the artistry of what they bring to the table."

Revealing that her mother was initially against her choice of career as a model, Naomi stressed the skill and artistry it takes to stay at the top of her game. "It's one thing to be famous. But when I started modeling and my group of women, it's not about the fame. You have to love what you do. There is an art to modeling. It's not just like, get up, bring your make up, hair, it's not like that." She added, "It's really difficult at times. It's trying, it's testing. It's endurance. It's focus. I question when some girls are like 'we want to be famous, we want to be a model'. That's not what it's about. Because you won't last two seconds if that's what you want. You can have your 15 minutes of fame by putting out some crap story. But a true model will sustain and have longevity. And they're versatile."